With a newfound respect for naps, good food, female friendship and putting your feet up, Steph founded luul with the unwavering belief that this kind of soul-deep break can genuinely change your whole life. 

Because let’s get real for a sec. Whether it’s your job, your kids, your routines or the general demands that women face every single day, something has got you feeling less than your best self. The bottom line is, we’re all absolutely exhausted.

Stumbling across a yoga studio gave Steph that lightbulb moment: she finally found that much-needed community of women and sense of connection that she’d been craving. (Plus let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel better after a good nap in shavasana?)

Fast forward to today: Steph’s now an experienced yogi with 12 years of teaching under her belt and a thriving studio with hundreds of students… plus the absolute chaos of 4 kids. 

Not quite. She felt energised and  ready for the huge shift, but also, in all honesty… a bit alone. 

Founder Steph quit her fast-paced job as a big city lawyer and moved out into the French countryside. Bliss, right? 

our story


Guilt for taking time out from their lives, away from their kids, their jobs, their families. And I don’t think this is just a motherhood thing – I think it’s a universally female thing.

“One of the things that come up a lot for women in my space is GUILT.


“But what I can tell you is that you need space to breathe and grow. Space to look after and nourish yourself, so you can come back and nourish everyone else. Think full cup.”

Here at luul, we’re giving you permission to offload that guilt and press reset. Explore somewhere beautiful, move your body, eat yummy food and have those kinds of deep chats that get you feeling really excited about life. And that only scratches the surface of what our unique retreats offer.

I love to talk– a fact you’ll soon realise if you become part of our luul community!

I’m addicted to yoga, and my classes are super hands-on with lots of adjustments and massages.

My passions are global travel,
lush interiors and really good food.

I’ve lived in and around Paris for the last 20 years, but ultimately I’d love to live on the beach.

I’m 45 years old and mama to 4 kids (I won’t lie, I’m baby obsessed).

Get to know yogi and founder Steph.



We might be a little biased, but we think a luul retreat could be just what you need.

Any of this sound familiar?

Our retreats are a complete sensory experience. They’re designed to empower you to fully show up again – vibrant, confident and renewed with fresh energy.

Who are the retreats for

You want to find new life-long friendships

You want to reconnect with your body

You have a slight obsession with beautiful interiors

You want to experience something new and exciting

You’ve never related to people that say ‘food is just fuel’

You want to explore a new location

You want to take a break from your busy routine



Not to get too woo on you, but luul retreats might just be the exact thing that your soul is craving. Our trips are a completely immersive sensory experience: deeply relaxing massages, yummy food, essential oil blends and fascinating dinnertime conversation. We plan each one of our unique retreats to be high vibe, transformational and nourishing. We want you to leave feeling like a whole new woman: a new friendship group, new yogi abilities, and maybe a fresh new perspective on situations in your own life. 

Come back to yourself

There’s always something special thrown into each retreat to spice things up a bit. From island hopping to wild swimming and surfing, there is abundant opportunity to really get stuck into retreat life and throw yourself into new experiences. Or you can totally just stock up on naps, massages and sunbathing time. It’s your retreat, after all.

Unique activities

…and when we say incredible, we truly mean it. Food is a huge part of the luul experience. From private chefs to curated menus and fresh local ingredients, we make sure meal time is always something to look forward to. Stretchy pants optional. 

Incredible food

We’re passionate about interior design and architecture, and that shines through in our retreat destinations. We know that a retreat is only ever as good as the place you’re staying, so we pride ourselves on thoughtfully selecting luxe locations to enhance your experience.

Beautiful locations

The group of women who come along to our retreats are literally the reason we do this. They’re the backbone of luul. Unique, open-minded individuals with different stories come together to have deep chats, belly laughs and create memorable experiences together, leaving with lifelong friendships. (We even have a Whatsapp group chat that runs right through from before we meet until our retreat finishes. It’s a real sisterhood.)

Soul-level connection

We’re not about repetitive or dull practice here at luul. Think super creative movement, amazing playlists, hands-on adjustments and dreamy massages to help you take your practice to a whole new level. Our yoga sessions are for anyone of any ability, no matter how much (or little) experience you have.

Next-level  yoga, pilates & barre

Features / Benefits

- Karen O’Sullivan

It would be an understatement to say that it’s been an incredible week– it’s been that and so much more! Thank you so much for an amazing week of yoga in this incredible location with the most beautiful, authentic and diverse group of women.”

“A memorable, life changing experience.

- Celine Vuillequez

Do you realise what an amazing week you gave us? I will cherish it for a long time! Thank you so much for making this happen. The yoga was as usual amazing (having such an impact on our lives). This place is magic and the group that you assembled is unique. We had fun, we met amazing people and we now all feel amazingly well.”

“I get a lot out of steph’s classes and enjoy them so much that I attend a minimum of three times a week.

- Ingrid Jayne

They say that you attract the people that you need, and you have managed to attract the most incredible group of women I have every had the privilege of joining. That’s a testament to you.”

“Thank you for pulling together this wonderful experience and I look forward to to the next one!

- Jennifer Monckton

I did my first headstand, my first handstand and I made some amazing friends! Will I be back? Without hesitation.”

“What can I say other than AWESOME.


"Steph - you're like a warm hug for us tired mums."

"You're a warm hug for us tired mums."

- Fleur Cornelissen

A huge thank you for a wonderful week full of poses, laughter, sun and meeting new people. I was surprised by what I learned in such a short period of time. This is only the beginning of my yoga journey.”

“It was a relaxing week for body, soul, heart and spirit.



Is it OK if I come alone to a retreat?

This is the number one question I get asked. The answer is simple – yes, absolutely! 

You won’t be the only one coming alone, so don’t worry. We spend a lot of time together as a group, so it’s ideal if you want to find some new like-minded friends. The groups of women who come along to luul retreats are open, warm and welcoming. 

If you would like to share a room with someone, I can pair you up (and I often do this!), or you’re welcome to go luxe solo and take a room for one.

It’s also worth knowing that we create a WhatsApp group chat before the retreat. It’s a lovely way to connect with others if you want to coordinate travel to the retreat or meet up beforehand! We use the chat during (and after) the retreat.

I have never done any yoga before – can I still come?

Yes, you absolutely can. That being said, you will probably enjoy the yoga more if you’ve taken a few classes beforehand, either online or in person. But if not, please don’t stress! 

Also remember, everything on retreat is optional. If you want to skip any of the yoga classes, no worries– just hit the snooze button!

I have dietary restrictions, can you cater for me?

Yes! When you sign up for the retreat, you’ll fill out a questionnaire where you can add in any dietary requirements and more information. We will look after all of your needs and make sure you feel totally comfortable.

Can I drink alcohol while on the retreat?

As long as you balance it out with a green juice at breakfast! We’re joking of course, but yes, you can drink a lovely glass of wine after a day of yoga, exploring and moving your body. This is your own time to prioritise yourself– it's here to be enjoyed. 

What does the retreat cost include?

All of your yoga, food and accommodation is included in the retreat price. The main cost not included is your travel, which you’ll need to organise yourself.

Do I need to pack my yoga mat?

99% of the time no – the retreat venues have their own yoga equipment available. If you do need to bring a yoga mat with you, we'll let you know in plenty of time!

We’ll send you an info pack near the time of the retreat with some ideas and inspiration for what to pack.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please make sure that you are certain that you can come before signing up.  

Retreats are planned far ahead of time, as we secure our accommodation and private chefs more than a year in advance. Deposits are non-refundable, as even if you cancel we’re still responsible for paying third parties.

However, we absolutely understand that sometimes emergencies happen. Please let us know ASAP, so that we can have the best possible chance of finding someone to fill your spot. (If we are easily able to fill your spot, we can offer refunds on a case by case basis).  

Should I buy travel insurance?

Yes, always. Just in case.

DIG DEEPER, enter your details to booK a discovery call below.

If you’ve got any questions before you book, want to chat things through or just want to feel out if we’ll be a good fit for you, you can book in for a discovery call here.

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