Sun 9th July - Fri
14th July 2023

Paros, Greece retreat

Connect with good old Mother Nature and the ocean on this barefoot eco retreat.

Tuck into delicious cuisine, dive into deep sparkling blue waters and enjoy all the joys Greek island life has to offer in Paros – accessible via flights to either Athens or Mykonos, followed by a ferry. 


Our two daily yoga practices – energising morning Vinyasa and evening, deep, dreamy Yin and massage – will take place in the beautiful yoga shala surrounded by olive trees, wild herbs and the sound of the ocean.  Siew Yue Rivaux will be joining us too, with her incredible adjustments and hands-on massages. This is THE retreat to be on! You’ll also have copious opportunities to explore the gorgeous island, indulge in a dreamy massage or take a dip in the ocean.

One thing we need to shout about when it comes to our Paros retreat is the food. If you’re a foodie, we guarantee you’ll be in heaven. The Greek-Indian fusion meals are vegan and vegetarian, with fresh ingredients sourced directly from the organic gardens. Yum.

During the day you’ll have space to relax, explore, wander, bike, swim, windsurf, hike, read… whatever your soul needs.


- Karen O’Sullivan

It would be an understatement to say that it’s been an incredible week– it’s been that and so much more! Thank you so much for an amazing week of yoga in this incredible location with the most beautiful, authentic and diverse group of women.”

“A memorable, life changing experience.

- Celine Vuillequez

Do you realise what an amazing week you gave us? I will cherish it for a long time! Thank you so much for making this happen. The yoga was as usual amazing (having such an impact on our lives). This place is magic and the group that you assembled is unique. We had fun, we met amazing people and we now all feel amazingly well.”

“I get a lot out of steph’s classes and enjoy them so much that I attend a minimum of three times a week.

- Ingrid Jayne

They say that you attract the people that you need, and you have managed to attract the most incredible group of women I have every had the privilege of joining. That’s a testament to you.”

“Thank you for pulling together this wonderful experience and I look forward to to the next one!

- Jennifer Monckton

I did my first headstand, my first handstand and I made some amazing friends! Will I be back? Without hesitation.”

“What can I say other than AWESOME.


"Steph - you're like a warm hug for us tired mums."

"You're a warm hug for us tired mums."

- Fleur Cornelissen

A huge thank you for a wonderful week full of poses, laughter, sun and meeting new people. I was surprised by what I learned in such a short period of time. This is only the beginning of my yoga journey.”

“It was a relaxing week for body, soul, heart and spirit.


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